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An Open Letter of Love to Foster Grandparents | Houston Moms Blog

An Open Letter of Love to Foster Grandparents

The road to adoption and foster care is paved with many players. Traveling the road solo is just not an option. Along the way, you meet strangers who become lifelines. Caseworkers, judges, advocates, bio families, foster parents—we all have titles and roles to fill. But there’s a group of people who are just as important […]

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A Conversation with a Houston Foster Mom :: A Journey from Fostering to Adoption | Houston Moms Blog

A Conversation with a Houston Foster Mom :: A Journey from Fostering to Adoption

In honor of National Adoption Month, Houston-based foster mother, Amber, shares her experience in her journey to adopt.  Describe your family before considering becoming a foster parent. What led you to consider being a foster parent? I have always loved children and in my early twenties I had a life plan which included being married […]

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Not Adoptive Mom

Please Don’t Call Me an Adoptive Mom. I am Mom.

  I am a mom. When I am at the softball fields or swim lessons with my girls, I introduce myself as either Penelope’s or Pandora’s mom. The fellow parent introduces himself or herself as so-and-so’s father or mother, and then we have a conversation. When I attend Meet The Teacher, I introduce myself as […]

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I’m Not Offended

November is National Adoption Awareness month. I’m sentimental about this month since two years ago on November 1st, we told the world that we were adopting. And only two short months later, our precious twins came home, and we became an adoptive family. I have so many thoughts about adoption. Maybe in my tenure with Houston […]

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Adoption Family Day

Our First “Family Day”

On August 1st of this year, my family celebrated our first anniversary. A year before, my husband and I stood in court with our twin babies, and a judge declared our kids officially and lawfully “Bunkers.” The emotions of their adoption day were overwhelming – like the emotions of labor without all the physical labor. […]

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