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Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor Health

What Pelvic Floor? My pelvic floor. Not something I thought about much or really, ever, until after I delivered my second child. Yes, I knew a bit about pelvic floor health. Sure, I had heard of kegels. But did I know how important they were to do before, during, and after pregnancy? According to a […]

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Pregnant woman cuddling belly in bedroom at home just before the labor and childbirth, selective focus

The Alphabet Soup of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean {VBAC} Delivery

NOTE:: This post relates to women who have had one prior Cesarean delivery and a known lower transverse uterine incision. Putting the letters together! CD—Cesarean delivery TOLAC—Trial of labor after a Cesarean. This refers to the process of attempting to have a vaginal delivery after having had a prior Cesarean delivery. VBAC—Vaginal birth after Cesarean. This […]

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I am an OB/GYN:: This is What EVERY Woman Should Know About Pregnancy and Delivery | Houston Moms Blog

I am an OB/GYN :: This is What EVERY Woman Should Know About Pregnancy and Delivery

As an OB/GYN and high-risk pregnancy specialist, I get called, texted and emailed nearly daily by friends, friends of friends, coworkers and family members with questions about various issues surrounding pregnancy and delivery. I make it a policy to answer truthfully and directly and always make sure whoever is asking the question is prepared for […]

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