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Breastfeeding :: Sextuplets!

{Click image above for more stories of inspiration, encouragement, and support.} Now let’s not get any crazy ideas here.  Yes, I had a litter {they don’t call me Mama Cat for nothing!}, but I still only have two boobs.  And those boobs only produce so much milk.  As much as I would love to sit here […]

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Feeding Tube

Breastfeeding :: The Triple Feed Method

{Click image above for more stories of inspiration, encouragement, and support.} I always planned on breastfeeding Skeeter.  Even when I was still pregnant with her, I set a personal goal of exclusively breastfeeding for six months.  I ended up exceeding that goal by breastfeeding for thirteen months, but that wasn’t without it’s issues. When I was hospitalized […]

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