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Don't Call them Lazy or Disrespectful:: Kids These Days are Changing the World

Don’t Call them Lazy or Disrespectful :: Kids These Days are Changing the World

I have a request. Can we just stop with the condescending hot takes about Kids These Days? Every time I scroll through my social media feeds, there’s another blog post or tweet that’s gone viral, lamenting lazy, disrespectful children and teenagers. Kids these days have no moral values…their parents have no discipline…they don’t respect authority…they […]

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Houston Moms Blog Team


It is so hard to believe that Houston Moms Blog will officially celebrate its six month birthday in just a few days.  Six months.  SIX MONTHS. So much has happened in those six months – dozens of topics, hundreds of blog posts, thousands of followers.  Yet so much has stayed the same – community, inspiration, […]

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