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A Letter to My Child’s School Administrators {That I Hope They Read}

Dear School Administration,  My child is special.  I mean, really special. She is a neat kid. She is sweet and sassy, independent and curious, and will be an amazing adult, if I continue to do my job right.  She is really special.  But, here’s the thing :: so is every single kid at your school. […]

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Opening Up a Whole New Life Skill :: Why Your Kid Should Check Out Code Ninjas

While this post is sponsored by our friends at Code Ninja, the thoughts and words are uniquely our own. Do your kids light up when playing Roblox or Minecraft? Do they marvel at the idea of building robots or flying drones? Kids are becoming expert users of technology at younger and younger ages. Wouldn’t it […]

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Disney Movie Controversy

What Are Disney Movies Really Teaching Our Kids?

You’ve probably heard that there is growing controversy surrounding the remake of Beauty and The Beast and some of its characters. Groups are banning together, boycotts are being called, and Disney is receiving some major slack. And throughout all of the uproar, it really got me thinking about the stuff we let our kids watch. I […]

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