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Laundry Stripping

Quarantine Activities:: Laundry Stripping

A few weeks into quarantine, I stumbled upon the Mecca of IG profiles: @gocleanco. I’ve always considered myself a fairly clean person and I love order, but this woman takes it to a whole new level! She knows how to clean anything and everything and opened my eyes to how much filth we’re all living […]

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Natural Cleaners and Nighttime Routines:: Quick Tips for a Clean Kitchen with Art of Green

This Mama, she feels a straight up sisterhood with Cinderella. I get you girl. I GET YOU! The cooking, cleaning, and scrubbing of all the things feels like it is never ending. Don’t we all wish that we had a following of tiny animals to clean up for us when we need some extra help […]

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Spring Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts for Busy Moms

Spring…ahhh…I can feel the sunshine on my face, the breeze in my hair, and the tickle in my nose. Where is my antihistamine? The universal symbol for life is approaching, and what’s a better way to welcome a new beginning than a thorough cleaning? With my baby making his way into toddlerhood, I am determined […]

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8 Mom Hacks for a Tidy Home

I have been accused of several things in my life. Some gracious—others not. But a consistent offender is being a little obnoxious when it comes to being tidy. I host a Friday night Bible study and on one particular occasion, one of the members was cooking for us as I was feverishly cleaning behind her. […]

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Callbox Storage

The Clever Way to Spring Clean

While this is a sponsored post via Callbox Storage, all of the opinions are proudly my own. Clear away that clutter!The weather has consistently hit over 70-degrees for 3 days in a row, so I’ve convinced myself that Spring is officially here. Does it work that way for you as well? With Spring comes the […]

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Spring Cleaning - Featured

20 Spring Cleaning Spots You Might Miss

How in the world is March here already? I have no clue. But I do know that spring is in the air! And with spring comes the inevitable spring cleaning. Unless fall/summer/winter cleaning is more your jam. Then save this post for that time. I’ve caught the spring cleaning bug, and every day I’m doing […]

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{{Giveaway}} Boulder Clean Dish Soap + $40 Gift Card

Our newest sponsor, Boulder Clean, calls Colorado home, but we’re excited to announce that they’re bringing their all-natural, cleaning products to Texas! Boulder Clean offers a full line of plant-based household cleaners and detergents.  Their name and mission is inspired by the natural beauty of the place they call home : Boulder, CO.  They provide […]

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