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Talking To Your Children About Death | Houston Moms Blog

Talking To Your Children About Death

We just finished the longest week. A week ago, my mom called me to tell me a relative of mine, a second grandma if you will, died. I cried and booked a flight to Miami to mourn my Aunt Flo.  My daughter Penelope, well aware of what was happening, got frustrated that this is now […]

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Don't Wait Untl the Funeral

Don’t Wait Until the Funeral

So last night my childhood BFF’s dad passed away. Their family has been in my life for well over 25 years. And actually, he was at my dad’s bedside when he took his last breaths. And so was my friend. He did so much during the brief time my dad was hospitalized, from getting us […]

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Talking To Your Kids About Death : Taboo or Acceptable?

How do you talk to your children about death? Do you even bring up the subject of death in your house? It’s definitely not an easy subject, and many times we find ourselves forced to talk about death, especially with our kids, only when someone or something dies. I can remember one of my first […]

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