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How Disciplining My Child Made My Marriage Unruly | Houston Moms Blog

How Disciplining My Child Changed My Marriage

“Get in the car or I’m going to lose my ever-living mind!!” Toddlers push buttons. Some toddlers are super master-level craze-inducing minions {balanced with being perfect angels of course}. We had two toddlers in the house, and they took turns melting down, flipping out, bolting off in parking lots, throwing out of this world fits, […]

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Sad girl with her fighting parents behind her

Why We Don’t Yell

I had a great childhood, but if I could change one thing about it, I would have stopped all of the yelling and fighting. My parents’ communication methods consisted of yelling, shouting, and criticizing. From as early as I can remember, they never got along. And from as early as I can remember, I promised […]

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To Spank Or Not To Spank

As my daughter forges her way through the terrible twos and is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged threenager, the issue of discipline is becoming more and more relevant in our household. I often wonder what it looks like in most homes. Time out? Revoking of privileges? Consequences? Spanking? Let me take a step […]

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the sass is strong in this one

Sassy Pants

Not long ago, I wished I could understand my child’s babbling.  Like it would be a little easier to make it through dinner time, or put her down for a nap, or keep her out of things…if we just spoke the same language.  And then it happened.  We got some no’s or “I want that” […]

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cute guy Levi

Disciplining Your Toddler

The Terrible Twos.  I think all moms are warned about this stage.  As my 6 little ones are entering toddlerhood, I have mixed emotions.  I was ready for the baby phase to end – going back and forth to carry each one to a new location, making and cleaning bottles, the feedings, the crying, the sleep […]

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