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Are you Stuck? Let’s See Those Wings, Girl

Frequently, people find themselves stuck in situations or habits that are hard to change. Read on if you need inspiration to get UNstuck. Hey You! Yeah, You! The one reading this! Chances are you clicked on this because you are feeling stuck. I mean, in the grand scheme of things {#corona2020} I think it’s safe […]

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Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor Health

What Pelvic Floor? My pelvic floor. Not something I thought about much or really, ever, until after I delivered my second child. Yes, I knew a bit about pelvic floor health. Sure, I had heard of kegels. But did I know how important they were to do before, during, and after pregnancy? According to a […]

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10 Rules for Beginner Runners

There is nothing better than a nice run to start off your day, or a quick jog to work off some stress. Sometimes if I’m especially grouchy my husband will give me that look and I’ll throw on my running shoes and escape. Even just a quick 10 minute jog can turn my entire mood […]

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