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Political Differences

Political Differences Don’t Have to Destroy Relationships

Politics. In today’s media-saturated culture, where information is literally available at our fingertips, no other topic brings up bigger feelings and causes greater disagreements. When these disagreements occur between friends or family, the hurt can last beyond a single debate and have lasting implications on relationships. Is it possible for us to be politically engaged, […]

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How to Help a New Widow

To the friends of the Brave

I recently saw an article online about a young woman who ended her own life just a few short weeks after her husband was murdered.  It completely took my breath away.  I was crying in a way I haven’t cried in a while.  The truth is, while I don’t know exactly what was in her […]

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ash erin and me

Reasons, Seasons, and Lifetime of Friendships

You may have read this poem along the way, or variations of it. {Found here.} Honestly, until my 30’s, ahhh-hem… mid-thirties, I never realized how true it was. The basic premise is that friends come into our life for a reason {to meet a current need or struggle and when it’s resolved you go on […]

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