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Houston Moms Blog "Retirement Just Got Easier With Overture Sugar Land" #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Your Parents’ Retirement Just Got Easier with Overture Sugar Land

Houston Moms Blog is pleased to partner with Overture Sugar Land to highlight 55+ Active Adult Apartment Home options to make the transition into retirement easy for your parents. There are certain realities hitting our radar as children of aging parents. They are entering or already have entered a new season of life. Retirement is […]

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Grandparents are Racist

My Kids’ Grandparents are Racist

I don’t remember the first time I consciously realized my parents are racist. In all reality there probably wasn’t a specific moment, but rather a slow, creeping realization that settled in over my adolescence. I remember a conversation in my early youth where my mother admitted she would prefer if I only dated Caucasian boys. […]

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An Open Letter of Love to Foster Grandparents | Houston Moms Blog

An Open Letter of Love to Foster Grandparents

The road to adoption and foster care is paved with many players. Traveling the road solo is just not an option. Along the way, you meet strangers who become lifelines. Caseworkers, judges, advocates, bio families, foster parents—we all have titles and roles to fill. But there’s a group of people who are just as important […]

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