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Let it Be Done:: Waiting on a Diagnosis | Houston Moms Blog

Let It Be Done:: Waiting on a Diagnosis

When waiting on a medical diagnosis, patience, faith and stillness are helping this mom cope with the uncertainty of her future.  Patience is a Virtue Waiting is hard.  I’m always telling my son to “be patient”, “hold on a minute”, or “just wait please!” I even find myself getting frustrated with him when he can’t, […]

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Diva Cup

Tips and Tricks from a Diva Cup Mentor

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the water! Sounds fun, but for moms, all the water play can be dampened by our *special* monthly circumstances. I don’t know about you, but I hate the thought of having to change a tampon while struggling with a wet swimsuit in a questionably clean bathroom- bonus […]

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10 Must Have Items to Survive a Whole30 | Houston Moms Blog

10 Must Have Items to Survive a Whole30

Clearer skin, better sleep, bloating gone… yep, these are just some of the great things I have experienced while doing a Whole30. In case you haven’t heard, the Whole30 is a program where you cut out certain food groups {like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes} for 30 days. Sound impossible? It’s not! I’ve done several […]

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Tired executive sleeping at home after work

Women’s Hormones and Energy Level :: Why Your Get-Up-and-Go Got Up and Went

At Houston Moms Blog, we are passionate about women’s health, both physically and emotionally. We are proud to partner with Kelsey-Seybold for this informative and important post.Hormones. You never realize how much they affect your body until something throws them off balance. Because every type of hormone works as a messenger, sending specific instructions to […]

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True Self-Care for Tired, Weary Moms

It’s 8:00 pm, and your kids are finally tucked in their beds, where they will hopefully stay until morning. In the past thirteen hours, you cooked meals, braved the carpool line, and kissed tear-stained cheeks. There’s a damp spot on your shirt that is most likely some sort of bodily fluid, and the unfolded, clean […]

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