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What Kind of Margarita Mom Are You? | Houston Moms Blog

What Kind of Margarita Mom Are You?

I love margaritas. I mean, I seriously LOVE them! {Responsibly, of course.} I love to try new and unique margaritas, I love a good classic ‘rita, and I pretty much love anything in between. So, imagine my excitement when I got the chance to celebrate “National Margarita Day” via Houston Moms Blog with MY FAVORITE MOMS AROUND — […]

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My Toddler Hates Me | Houston Moms Blog

My Toddler Hates Me

My husband and I recently entered the toddler stage with our son. It’s the phase of life where you actually start parenting. Gone are the days of just keeping them alive – you must now help them learn how to be productive members of society. Toddlerhood has so many cool developments to witness: independence, communication, mobility, […]

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Dear Fall … You’re a Jerk.

Dearest Fall, Can we talk for a minute? It’s pretty serious, so you might want to sit down. You see… Everybody has been talking about you lately.  And not in the excited and upbeat way that we usually do.  In fact, it’s been the exact opposite. So for your own good, we think you should know what […]

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Suburban Mom Problems | Houston Moms Blog


We are suburbia people. Always have been. I grew up in the outskirts of Dallas, in a city I’ve “affectionately” dubbed the Land o’ Concrete and McMansions. After Matt and I got married and moved to New Orleans, we tried our hardest to embrace urban living … but just couldn’t do it. Out to the ‘burbs we […]

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You Might Be a Toddler Mom If... | Houston Moms Blog

You Might Be A Toddler Mom If…

So you blissfully planned your sweet little one’s second birthday. You are officially the mother of a toddler. Welcome to the chaos. Gone are the bottles and onesies, and you have packed up the Boppy, Bumbo, and Jumperoo. You are on to bigger things like spilled sippy cups, backwards clothes, tantrums, and potty training. Right? […]

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The Truth About Our Beach Vacation | Houston Moms Blog

The Truth About Our Beach Vacation

While planning some activities for the family this year, my husband and I decided we should go to the beach for a long weekend. We thought it would be a fun getaway that our girls would just love. But amidst all of the planning and coordinating, what we didn’t realize is that our month would also be filled […]

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