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What Motherhood Dreams Are Made Of

This is what motherhood dreams are made of The comment wasn’t mine, but it resonated with me. It was Halloween night, and a group of our friends headed out into our neighborhood with our sights set on candy. Our costume laden kids outnumbered the adults, and the whole night was a dance of taking care […]

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Cheering for My Kids On and Off the Field

If you notice that our trunk is filled with camping chairs, you might understand. We’ve just survived our first season of school sports. My twins just played their first seasons of football and ran on their school’s cross country team. It was chaotic. And exhausting. And my three-year-old started calling our minivan “home.” But there […]

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Waves, Seashells, and Broken Things

“What do you think, buddy?” I pushed the loose strands of hair out of my face, their curls whipping my skin in the salty air and stinging my forehead.  He looked out over the ocean, his own summer-grown mop of straw being tugged from his head as though the wind were trying to steal the […]

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