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Asking for Help

A few weeks ago we talked about saying no when overcommitted. I’m sure that post was only helpful for me since I’m the only woman in the city of Houston that feels overcommitted or overwhelmed. Only not really. Saying no is SO hard. But it will free us up to be the woman and mom that […]

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Where Were You…

I sat alone, in my grandparents’ family room, watching the smoldering North Tower against the New York City skyline when suddenly, and shockingly, WTC 2 was hit. In that moment, there was no longer a question of whether this was a fluke accident, or a terrible mistake. This was an act of terror. Our country, […]

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Introducing a New Series :: “SOS Becky”

We are super excited to announce our very own advice column…SOS Becky! Think Dear Abby, but specifically geared for you lovely readers of Houston Moms Blog! We all need help. This is why so many of us love the write in section of magazines. We were glued to them in Seventeen long before we even had a […]

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Long Days, Short Years

Long Days, Short Years

Oh, Dear Moms of the Littles. These are long days. I remember the unending diapers, pacifiers in the couch cushions along with the cheerios, all the noise making toys, the teething, the vomit, the blowouts, the walking out of the grocery to find it pouring rain {!}, eleventy forty sick days in a row, and […]

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dear mom

Dear Mom, You Got This

Dear Mom, You got this. You know more than you realize. You are totally able to do this job. You are more than qualified. No one else is more uniquely equipped for today than you. You know how I know? You were the one that has been entrusted to raise this child. You. And it […]

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