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Sharing Emotional Labor in My Relationship | Houston Moms Blog

Sharing Emotional Labor in My Relationship

The term “emotional labor” was created by sociologist Anne Hochschild in 1983 to describe the emotional work that is involved in certain professions, like therapists, pilots, customer service workers, and others whose jobs require them to manage or absorb some sort of heavy emotion. Today, the term has  become a social catch-all for work done […]

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Dancing Through Life With My Partner | Houston Moms Blog

Dancing Through Life With My Partner

Remember the dancing scene in “Hope Floats”? Sandra Bullock’s character is shy and hesitant at first. Harry Connick Jr.’s character says “Dancing’s just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.” {Sidenote :: *swoon*}. They start off slowly, and by the end her head is thrown back and she is laughing with abandon as she […]

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How Disciplining My Child Made My Marriage Unruly | Houston Moms Blog

How Disciplining My Child Changed My Marriage

“Get in the car or I’m going to lose my ever-living mind!!” Toddlers push buttons. Some toddlers are super master-level craze-inducing minions {balanced with being perfect angels of course}. We had two toddlers in the house, and they took turns melting down, flipping out, bolting off in parking lots, throwing out of this world fits, […]

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