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Is it Teen Angst or Something More?:: Recognizing Depression and Anxiety in Teens

Teenagers by definition are often moody and temperamental.  Frequently, the happy go lucky kid who comes down for breakfast isn’t the same grumpy one who emerges from the bathroom after brushing his or her teeth, thirty minutes later.  As a parent, I have witnessed this more times than I can remember and every time I’m […]

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How Therapy Benefits My Everyday Life

Thank you to Next Level Urgent Care for generously Title Sponsoring this very important series during Mental Health Awareness Week. As I sat on the sofa, shoulders stooped with my coffee recovering from the night before, I was handed a familiar business card. I acknowledged the card with a nod of my head.  “I am […]

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What Tully Gets Right About Postpartum Mental Health {And What it Could Have Done Better}

Tully, a newly released film starring Charlize Theron, has generated a lot of buzz and controversy surrounding early motherhood and mental health. The plot centers on third time mom Marlo, and chronicles her story from her 9th month of pregnancy through her early postpartum weeks. Marlo is struggling mightily with adjusting to life with a […]

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