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Practical Tips - NICU Mom

Practical Tips for the NICU Mom

NICU stays can be completely overwhelming and scary, but there are ways to make that phase of life easier. I gathered some of my favorite ideas from fellow NICU veterans to share. It’s important that we NICU mamas stick together! Keep a journal Use a journal to jot down the baby’s stats, your feelings {the good […]

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A Mother’s First Day in the NICU

My first round as a NICU momma was four years ago with my premature daughter. She spent 25 days in the neonatal intensive care unit {NICU} before being released. The experience took a toll on me and left me exhausted and overly emotional. When I became pregnant with my son earlier this year, I knew […]

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Pregnancy After NICU 2

Pregnancy After the NICU {Part 2}

“While I love the thought of a squishy newborn and {my daughter} being a big sister, I am worried about this baby that doesn’t exist yet.  What if things go wrong again?  Even though every test under the sun has come back negative for indicators of preeclampsia reoccurring, I’m not sure I’ll ever completely shake […]

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NICU Congratulations

Encouragement From One NICU Mom to Another

No parent ever wants to have a baby in the NICU.  As a NICU mom, I wouldn’t wish that experience upon my worst enemy.  Ever since we left the NICU almost four years ago, I’ve had friends {and even strangers} reach out to me because they are facing a possible NICU stay.  My initial reaction every […]

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Feeding Tube

Breastfeeding :: The Triple Feed Method

{Click image above for more stories of inspiration, encouragement, and support.} I always planned on breastfeeding Skeeter.  Even when I was still pregnant with her, I set a personal goal of exclusively breastfeeding for six months.  I ended up exceeding that goal by breastfeeding for thirteen months, but that wasn’t without it’s issues. When I was hospitalized […]

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Pregnancy After NICU 2

Pregnancy After the NICU

Let’s cut to the chase here – I’m not pregnant.  Nor am I trying to get pregnant.  I know the title of this post may seem a little misleading, but I promise I am going somewhere with it. As you may already know, Skeeter’s birth was slightly traumatizing.  {I’m not going into the details now, […]

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