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Dear Coronavirus:: Thank You for the Reset

The Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down, but along with all the stress and uncertainty, it has also offered families a much needed reset. Dear Coronavirus,  Let’s skip the pleasantries and get right down to business. You came into my life 100% uninvited and tipped everything upside down in a matter of days. Unlike […]

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Dear Superhero:: Call Your Mom

Dear Superhero, You are adventurous, sometimes fearless {much to Mimi’s dismay and your dad’s delight}. But your heart is tender and your words are kind. You are selective with your hugs, which makes them all the more valuable. You tell it like it is and your laugh is a chorus. Oh, dear nephew, don’t tell […]

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Dear Homework

Dear Homework,

Dear Homework, Thank you so much for your many messages over the past few weeks since the kids started school! I thought I knew you pretty well but you’re throwing me some surprises this year – keeping things fresh, are you!? TBH you’re coming on pretty strong but I’m trying to adjust to the new […]

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A Love Letter to My New-Mom Friend | Houston Moms Blog

A Love Letter to My New-Mom Friend

Hey friend. Remember at the end of the Friends pilot, when Rachel cuts up all her credit cards? Monica gives her a big hug and says “Welcome to the real world! It sucks! You’re going to love it.” something about that moment reminds me of this. I felt grateful to walk with you on this […]

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