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Unicorn Slime Success from a Non-Pinteresty Mom | Houston Moms Blog

Unicorn Slime SUCCESS By a Non-Pinteresty Mom

The impossible happened! I made the elusive, magical UNICORN SLIME with my daughter and her friend Emily! And we found success on just our second try! {Haha!}  Honestly, of all the blog posts I could dream of writing, I never imagined it would be “Unicorn Slime SUCCESS” by any stretch of the imagination. I’m the […]

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How Decluttering My Pinterest Boards Led to a Fun Family Tradition | Houston Moms Blog

How Decluttering My Pinterest Boards Led to a Fun Family Tradition

If you are a mom, you have been there. Exhausted, but can’t sleep. So much to do, yet wasting time on the internet. Promising yourself that you will go to bed early tonight, but find yourself staring at summer camps, swim lesson times, emails from the teacher, Facebook, and…Pinterest.  I was one of those who […]

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pinterest inspired dinosaur tail

Pinterest Favorites

If I’m on my computer, my husband automatically assumes I’m browsing Pinterest {and the majority of time he’s right}.  If I’m playing on my phone, he automatically assumes I’m Instagramming {and again, he’s usually correct}. Instagramming :: not technically in the dictionary…but it should be. {verb} creating and sharing a photo or video via the […]

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