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Solar Eclipse Safety

How Your Family Can Safely View the Solar Eclipse

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the total Solar Eclipse, where the sun, moon, and earth line up. Occurring on August 21st, it’s the first one this century. Unfortunately, those of us in the Bayou City won’t get to experience totality – the moon will cover just 65-70 percent of the sun’s surface […]

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About That Creep at Target…

By now, if you’re like many American moms on Facebook, you’ve seen the stories about moms with young children in tow who were followed and approached by creepy strangers at Target. Most of these stories allege that these moms avoided run-ins with human trafficking rings that had the intention of snatching up their preschooler. It’s […]

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We must act NOW.

From suicide bombings to mass shootings to unexplained shootings, the recent events have us mortified and wondering about the world in which we are raising our children. With little place to hide from the bad news, it’s easy to gravitate towards tuning it out, modifying our Facebook feeds, and staying silent with hopes of keeping […]

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Tragedy Close to Home

When Tragedies Happen

Last weekend’s Orlando shooting hit close to home for one Houston mother. Although the tragedy happened several states away, Jean Irving knew first-hand the emotions accompanied by such a horrific event. Just two weeks ago, similar anxieties and fears spread throughout Houston as an army veteran tore through the streets of a Memorial neighborhood, armed with […]

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