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Water Safety :: Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer | Houston Moms Blog

Water Safety :: Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

Summer is *this* close to officially making it’s grand entrance here in Houston.  You know, complete with 100+ temps, nonstop sweating, and humidity so thick you can slice it with a knife.  But with those slight annoyances come tons of fun too.  I’m talking backyard BBQs, playing outside until the streetlights come on, and of course […]

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Toddler Safety Harness

Tethering My Toddlers

I’ve decided that, as a mom, I’m no longer going to say… “I’m never going to do THAT.” Because on several occasions, I’ve eaten my own words. For instance… I’m never going to feed my kid Goldfish crackers. Well, guess what they just had for a snack? I’m never going to let them watch an ounce […]

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Carjacked - Featured

A Word of Warning… The Day I Almost Got Carjacked

I’m a former TV news producer, and I have watched every single episode of Dateline and 48 hours that has been aired. I am ultra aware of my surroundings and suspicious of pretty much everyone. I mean, I once thought a dark van following me around the neighborhood some mornings during my run was a mad […]

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Sleepover Safety - Featured

Sleepover Safety

As a “rule”, we don’t do sleepovers. I put rule in quotes because it’s not a “live or die” rule. I’ve tried those, they don’t usually work for us. Here’s why :: Right now, this very second, my girls have a friend over for a sleepover. And I love it. I love that my house […]

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Baby Proofing

Baby Proofing Your Home

With the prospect of a crawling baby on the horizon, it’s time to start baby proofing our death trap home.  With just a 5 month old, you may think that I’m starting this process a little early.  However, I will argue that there is much to do at our house, and I need to get started […]

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