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Trash or Treasure? How to Organize School Papers, Memories and Art

The new school year is here, and that means backpacks will be headed home filled with forms, flyers, classwork, and art. It will be your job to determine what to keep, organize and store, and what to recycle.  I will admit that when my oldest started preschool I kept EVERYTHING. I filled multiple storage containers […]

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A Letter to My Child’s School Administrators {That I Hope They Read}

Dear School Administration,  My child is special.  I mean, really special. She is a neat kid. She is sweet and sassy, independent and curious, and will be an amazing adult, if I continue to do my job right.  She is really special.  But, here’s the thing :: so is every single kid at your school. […]

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Growing Wildflowers :: Preparing Two {Very} Different Hearts For School

My daughter is a storm that greets you at midnight. Grand in its entrance. Waking you just enough to lose your dream. Then unleashing fury when you attempt to ignore its presence. Magnificent, but alarming. A sight to behold.  My son is a late afternoon shower. Easy to miss if you don’t look up. Pleasant […]

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In Defense of the PTO | Houston Moms Blog

In Defense of the PTO

I have just come off a year as the President of my son’s public elementary school PTO {Parent Teacher Organization} and was President-Elect the year prior to that. And I loved it. During those two years, I heard a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about the PTO and am here to clear those up once […]

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