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Down and Dirty Tips for Sex During Pregnancy

Oh pregnancy, a time when your body is constantly changing. Every day brings a new surprise. The miracle of life…..plus many gross things that happen along the way. Anyone who has ever had sex during pregnancy knows it is a whole new adventure with your partner. It can bring you closer together as you harken […]

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Let's Talk about Sex {While Pregnant), Baby! | Houston Moms Blog

Let’s Talk about Sex {While Pregnant}, Baby!

As an OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy specialist, there is one topic that my pregnant patients rarely ever discuss with me. It is a topic that I am sure every woman thinks about during pregnancy. Sex! I don’t blame them, though. During a routine prenatal visit so many other things are being discussed that I […]

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Taking Care … Down There

There’s a new technology that is sweeping across this nation. This particular technology provides a treatment that one demographic can and will benefit greatly from, and that one demographic is us. Females. Women. Moms. We’re also excited to say that one of our very favorite sponsors and long-time partners, Dr. Camille Cash, is one of […]

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