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Hello Stranger! Summertime is Sibling Time

Sometimes when making small talk, I go along and feign my distaste at our scorching Houston summers. I actually love the summer, but it’s fun to have a common enemy, especially one so blistering and relentless.  I always feel somewhat guilty afterwards for betraying my favorite season. That’s right, HELL is my favorite season. Summertime […]

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Having a Third Baby

Thinking About a Third Baby? Go For It!

Sitting on the fence? Worried about losing man-to-man defense? Another 2.5 years of diapers? The bottles! The exponential laundry increase? ANOTHER five years of shelling out for daycare and preschool? Y’all. DO IT. If you even put one foot up on that fence, let’s go! Our third baby just turned one, and there hasn’t been […]

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