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Having a Third Baby

Thinking About a Third Baby? Go For It!

Sitting on the fence? Worried about losing man-to-man defense? Another 2.5 years of diapers? The bottles! The exponential laundry increase? ANOTHER five years of shelling out for daycare and preschool? Y’all. DO IT. If you even put one foot up on that fence, let’s go! Our third baby just turned one, and there hasn’t been […]

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Is He Your First? | Houston Moms Blog

Is He Your First?

“Is he your first?” It is a simple question, a generic conversation starter at the playground. No big deal really. Except when it is. It is a question that hurts so deep in my soul I can’t truly find the words to explain it to you. I am certainly not about to break down in […]

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Favorite Child

I Have a Favorite Kid

Something happens when you become a blogger. Your mind starts thinking in blog posts. Ideas flow in and out, clever titles wake you at 3 am {or was that the crying baby?}, and you are constantly trying to gauge the pulse of your audience to create likable content. With the exception of the last part, […]

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