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When Your Child Asks About Mine

When Your Child Asks About Mine

We all know that children are naturally curious. And when they see my son G, they often stare. I see your daughter eyeing his wheelchair, trying to mentally process why he’s her size but can’t walk. I see your son, confused as to why G makes funny {and sometimes scary} noises but says no actual […]

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Rare Disease Day - Featured

Rare & Special

It took me years to be able to say the words – “I’m the mother of a special needs child.” While the words themselves flow easily…it’s the magnitude that they carry that makes them so hard to spit out.  For me, acceptance of even the notion meant coming to terms with a life-changing reality – one […]

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Perkins (8 of 42)


It’s my constant struggle.  There’s 1 of me and 6 of them.  I like to think that every mother struggles with being outnumbered the second she has more than one child.  When you have to decide who gets your attention and how you split it between them. I’ve never known any different {my kids were […]

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