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Cheering for My Kids On and Off the Field

If you notice that our trunk is filled with camping chairs, you might understand. We’ve just survived our first season of school sports. My twins just played their first seasons of football and ran on their school’s cross country team. It was chaotic. And exhausting. And my three-year-old started calling our minivan “home.” But there […]

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I’m a Bad Baseball Mom and I Don’t Sweat It

Mercifully, my older son’s Little League Baseball season is winding down. With four {or more} touches a week, our family has had to juggle and coordinate schedules for the last several months to make sure everyone can be where they need to be. Yesterday during his team’s first play-off game, my nine-year old hit an […]

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Houston Astros - Featured

A Love Letter to Our Houston Astros

To our Houston Astros, Twelve years ago, I was washed here by Hurricane Katrina. I watched my beloved city go under water and then how she rose to rebuild over the last decade. I have longed for her health and growth year after year, halfway plotting my return, but all the while letting my roots […]

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For the Love of Softball

For The Love Of Softball

A year ago, Pandora was in occupational therapy, and one of the skills she needed to work on was crossing the mid line. To help her with this and other motor planning skills, we signed her up for softball, and it turned out to be one of the best ideas we have had. With three seasons […]

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