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How Therapy Benefits My Everyday Life

Thank you to Next Level Urgent Care for generously Title Sponsoring this very important series during Mental Health Awareness Week. As I sat on the sofa, shoulders stooped with my coffee recovering from the night before, I was handed a familiar business card. I acknowledged the card with a nod of my head.  “I am […]

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Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor Health

What Pelvic Floor? My pelvic floor. Not something I thought about much or really, ever, until after I delivered my second child. Yes, I knew a bit about pelvic floor health. Sure, I had heard of kegels. But did I know how important they were to do before, during, and after pregnancy? According to a […]

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The Evolution of a Marriage | Houston Moms Blog

The Evolution of a Marriage

We sat together nervously {close enough so that our bodies naturally touched}, facing a woman whose profession it is to look at a marriage and listen to the output given by a couple. She does this while simultaneously reading the unspoken communication between the two, and then…with a highly advanced degree of educational background in […]

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Finding a Therapist

Finding a Good Therapist

Being a mom is hard work. It’s hard physically, financially, and emotionally. Sometimes the weight of life’s burdens feels too heavy to hold, and you need help. Despite living in a society littered with self-help books and Facebook groups, there is still stigma around seeking professional help. As someone who’s been in and out of […]

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We Tried It :: Halotherapy!

Anyone who knows me knows I love salt. Salt on chips, salt on my margarita, or when I was pregnant…pickles dipped in salt. So when I heard about another use for salt, I was intrigued. Evidently, people from all over have been visiting salt spas and raving about the tremendous benefits of halotherapy for quite some time. […]

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Sleeping with My Marriage Counselor

I have a confession to make… I’m sleeping with my marriage counselor, and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon. In fact, I never plan to.  But I can’t go any further in this post without telling you that my husband is a marriage counselor, and my nickname for him is “Counselor.”  Usually, our […]

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