Taking Time Off From Being Mommy

Taking Time Off From Being MommyI love being a mommy.  From picking out little clothes, to snuggles, to even the not so fun stuff {hello, toddler tantrums!}, being a mommy is without a doubt my favorite “job.”  As cliche as it sounds, being a mommy is the most rewarding job in the world……….and the most exhausting.  {You saw that coming, right?}

Before I became a mommy, I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  Last minute trip to Target?  Sure!  A quick pedicure on the way home from work?  No problem!  Date night on a whim?  No babysitter needed!  Or hey, let’s go meet friends for dinner at midnight.  Obviously, that all changed – and fast!  Now I hurry home after work to cook dinner, play for a bit with my daughter, get her ready for bed, pick up her room, bedtime, hopefully get some exercise, spend some time with my hubby, and before I know it – whew – it’s my own bedtime!  {And let’s not even discuss how long it’s been since my last pedicure…}

This nonstop go-go-going during the week gets exhausting!  But I finally decided to take a little control.  One night a week is *my* night.  It happens to be convenient that my husband plays basketball one night a week, so I claimed that as my night.  Even more convenient, my daughter and I usually have an early dinner at my parents’ house that night, so guess who usually doesn’t have to cook?  We have dinner, get home in time for a bath and bedtime prayer, and she’s out.  That’s when “Mommy Night” starts.

If I’m being completely honest, 99% of the time, my “Mommy Night” consists of me laying on the couch with a glass of sangria, a good book, and yoga pants.  Not exactly exciting, but I get to relax and unwind.  I skip the clothes that need to be folded, neglect any dishes that need to be washed, and I just focus on doing what I want to do for that evening.  Sometimes I watch the TV shows *I* want to watch {*ahem* Dancing With the Stars}, sometimes I do a little online shopping, or sometimes I watch Dirty Dancing for the thousandth time.

Of course, I also schedule nights out of the house when the hubby can watch our daughter {hellooooo Corsets & Cocktails Tuesday night!!!}, but “Mommy Night” is consistent.  On the few weeks my husband doesn’t have a basketball game, I try to get out of the house for a pedicure or do some solo shopping.  But I cherish these nights.  This time to focus on myself is a necessity for my sanity, and I am certain it makes me a better mother in the long run.  {Did you hear that, honey?  Sangria makes me a better parent.}

How do YOU get your “me” time after motherhood?


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