Teacher Appreciation 2020:: The Quarantine Edition

If ever there was a year to recognize the work that teachers pour into educating our kids, 2020 is it. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4, 2020 – May 8, 2020, and if you are looking for some ideas to show your children’s teachers that you see what they do for your kids and how much their work matters, we are here to help. Because this year…  is a little different. 

At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, no one could have predicted that we would be here. The school buildings are closed. Teachers and students are all home. Instruction as we know it will not return this year. Nevertheless, teachers persist. The lessons and methods of delivery may look different, but the heart behind them remains the same. If you are like many parents – homeschool rookies- you probably appreciate your children’s teachers even more now than you did a few weeks ago. Shonda Rhimes may have said it best when she tweeted::

teacher appreciation tweet

Teacher Appreciation Lesson Plans

teacher at deskObjective::

Compile a list of ways to recognize teachers. Each method must meet quarantine and social distance standards. 

Guided Practice::

Social Media. Post something. A video of your kids. Or a message from you or your kids. Or a picture of the kids. Or a memory involving the teacher.

Lunch. Have lunch delivered to your teacher. Another option, let the teacher know lunch is your treat and coordinate a day and time and have the teacher pick up their meal.

Zoom. Set up a surprise meeting. Arrange a group event with other class members or keep it quick and personal with just your child.

Gift Cards. There is never a bad time for gift cards. Electronic gift cards are available in any number of categories from any number of establishments. All you need is the teacher’s email address for this treat.

Profile Pics. Change your profile pic or your child can change their profile pic to their teacher’s pic. What a way to represent!

Email. Send a heartfelt thank you message. Let teachers know how their students are doing. Include pics of your kids. Teachers are missing those faces.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree. Only, it does not have to be yellow. Think school colors. Get together with the community and place ribbons around the neighborhood.

Sweet Treats. Like lunch, send a delivery or let the teacher know they have a sugary confection waiting for them at a local bakery.

Amazon. The Wish List feature is clutch for picking something you know will be loved and having it sent automatically to the teacher.

Yard Signs. Honk if you love a teacher! Or… The Best Teacher in the World Lives Here! Create and drop in front of your teacher’s house.


Feel free to take ideas from this list. There will be no consequences for cheating here. 

Your Kids/Their Kids

child writing letter to teacher

One more thing to keep in mind. Teachers always appreciate being thought of and receiving tokens of appreciation. That doesn’t change this year. But what has changed is the extraordinary circumstances of communities around the world. When our teachers and students last parted, it was not supposed to be for the last time. Overwhelmingly, right now, teachers want to know that your kids – who are also their kids – are happy and healthy and thriving in these strange times. Knowing that just might be the best gift of all.

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2 Responses to Teacher Appreciation 2020:: The Quarantine Edition

  1. Avatar
    Gwen Ward April 28, 2020 at 8:12 am #

    Awesome! This message is a timely call to action to all parents with school age kiddos. This week presents an incredible opportunity to shower teachers with love & appreciation. I don’t no longer have a school age kid, but I share this message to all my friends that do.

    Well written Joi !

  2. Ashley KB
    Ashley KB April 29, 2020 at 12:53 pm #

    Great ideas! Definitely stealing a few!!

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