The Big Game is On. Here’s How to Pretend You Like Football

The Big Game is On. Here's How to Pretend You Like FootballA few years ago I attended my first football game. I was even the one that bought the tickets to surprise my husband. I was stoked! Knowing nothing about football, I had hoped that seeing a game in person would enlighten me to the nuances of this game. I was also looking forward to some awesome cheerleading! I’d seen Bring It On and Bring It On- All or Nothing, so I was ready for some intense flipping and pyramid action. But I got nothing!  The game was boring, there were lots of stops and starts, and the cheerleaders hardly did more than sway back and forth with their pom poms! So needless to say, football sucks. 

But, If you’re the type of person that enjoys going to parties and being around friends but has no interest in football, {FOMO, anyone?} this is for you. The following is a comprehensive guide to enjoying a party during the Big Game without actually having to watch the game. 

Look the Part


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First you’ll need to look the part. You want to appear enthusiastic about sports without making yourself a target for football related conversation.  

Once you are properly dressed you can blend in and enjoy the festivities!

Avoid Football Related Conversation

But wait, someone is still insistent on discussing the game with you; now what?  Well, if you have children then you can be sure that they are up to something and you need to check on them, STAT!  My daughter had a few friends over the other day and I found her on top of the table inside her guinea pig cage! So I’m sure you’ll find a good reason once you go looking for it.  But, if they happen to be behaving themselves then you’re just a good parent and you can pat yours on the back for a job well done.

Hang Out at the Snack Table

The Big Game is On. Here's How to Pretend You Like FootballThere’s always food at these events, so go ahead and spend some quality time grazing the snacks.  Better yet, if you have a gluten or nut allergy be sure to bring it up!  People love to hear about their friends specific dietary needs and that will distract them from the fact that you have no idea what’s going on with sports. 

Tune in for the Commercials

But don’t get too distracted or you’ll miss the commercials!  Those are the best part!  Plus, you can turn them into a fun bingo game! {or a drinking game, I’m not judging}  Some great game printables to get you started can be found here.

The Big Game may not have epic cheerleaders on their way to the national championship for the sixth year in a row, but before you know it, everyone will be dancing to “Jenny from the Block” and all will be right in the world!  That’s the end of the game, right?  

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