Kids Corona Confessions:: Jayde & Devin

I feel like coruna is getting out of hand because everyone is getting everything off the shelfs. Nobody can travel but what if you live in america and your in African visiting your traped and you can’t see your family back in america. Everyone is getting all the meat and cleaning supples and vegebles. I feel bad for all the poor people on the streets. And i’m worried if I run our of food and other stuff.

Me and my familys connections are getting stronger everyday now me and my sister only fight once or twice a week now when we use to fight all the time. And home schooling doese’nt feel right.

I am Jayde Taylor Vermeulen. I have one sister, two happy parents, a pet dog. I have 2 fish. I am strong, emotional, kind and funny. My favroite animal is a duck, my favroite color is corcky green. I was born spetember 26 2010 and i’m 9 years old 







I think corona virus is bad but things like this happen in life. I think it is sad because people are dieing and the whole world is on lockdown.

My name Devin Carys Vermeulen I am 7 years old and I want to be a F.B.I Agent when I grow up and I love animals and nauture.








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