Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings

Bluebonnet season is here! But if you’re like me, there is no desire to drive over an hour outside of Houston with a toddler and an infant in tow. Yes, the bluebonnets are gorgeous and there’s nothing quite like it in the city, but there’s also nothing like an overtired toddler and a screaming six month old. The risk of of no smiles and no good pictures after all that driving is enough to outweigh the benefit of the beautiful Texas bluebonnet backdrop.

Our trip out to real bluebonnet territory will have to wait until the kids are older, but there are a few good spots in and around town that will suffice for now.

Before diving-in and listing the hot spots, there are a few important considerations to remember.

Be Respectful

Respect the bluebonnets. They’re delicate! Tread lightly around the bluebonnets. Stepping and sitting on them will flatten them to the ground. These patches in the city are small, so the indention of your toddler’s behind in the bluebonnets will be noticeable.

Respect others’ property. If you spot bluebonnets at a private residence, do not enter! There are often bluebonnets planted by communities and private citizens {like in Telfair and the Heights}, so treat it like your own backyard. Also, be cognizant of where you park before heading out to the bluebonnets.

Be Safe

Look-out for ant beds, mosquitoes, bees, mamarazzi, snakes, and uneven terrain as you scout bluebonnets. Also, remember to stay hydrated as you venture into the humidity. Chasing a toddler around is tiring enough. Add the complexity of making sure they don’t run into the road as well as not rolling their ankle or getting bitten by a snake are sure-fire ways to wear yourself out

Fake it ’til you make it

If you’re toting a tiny tot with you as the subject of your photos, be sure to bring plenty of snacks. Somehow the sight of a camera turns a cooperative child into a hangry and uncooperative one. Treats are a godsend.

Also be cognizant of time of day. Middle of the day makes for squinty pictures, so aim for early in the morning, dusk, or cloudy days.

Just a small sliver of bluebonnets? No worries. Angles are key. Post your child up behind the bluebonnets and take a picture up high or down low so that you can manipulate the illusion of bluebonnets-galore. The pictures below were taken at the same spot but different angles. It makes a huge difference! {Both pictures taken at Stude Park.}

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog


Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

If you need a refresher on photography skills, Hannah wrote a great post on photography tips {my favorite is for you, mom, to get in the picture!}, and Bre wrote a fantastic post on how to use your fancy DSLR.

**And don’t forget – if all else fails, book a session with one of our favorite Houston-area photographers. Many, if not all, of them are hosting bluebonnet minis, so keep an eye out!**

Top Houston Area Bluebonnet Sightings

Please note that this list is not comprehensive, but we are going for quality over quantity. We have listed areas that have proven sightings as well as promising areas where there were past blooms.

Buffalo Bayou Park // Central

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

Bluebonnets at Buffalo Bayou Park close to Lost Lake and the Jackson Hill Bridge

Buffalo Bayou Park is HUGE. We know from personal experience because we looked for these bluebonnets in all the wrong places. There are definitely no bluebonnets along the bayou from Studemont eastward to Eleanor Tinsley. Bluebonnets can be found just east of the Jackson Hill Bridge, The Dunlavy, and Lost Lake on the South bank of Buffalo Bayou. Patches are small, but good enough for a cute photo with little ones!

Stude Park // Central

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

This Heights area park has a lot to offer including bluebonnets. The red statue {Mac Whitney’s “Houston”} is a unique urban touch. There’s also a small playground at this park, so you can use it as a negotiation tool if needed. Watch out for the ant beds.

Spotts Park // Central

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

The best patches of bluebonnets are generally on the southeast side of the park, opposite of the sand volleyball court, past the playground. The small hillside is a lower traffic area which allows the fragile flowers to thrive. Be careful of the bees. Parking for this park get problematic, so try to target a lower traffic time such as a weekday if possible.

White Oak Bayou/T.C. Jester Park // Central

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

The banks of White Oak Bayou are typically covered in a good amount of bluebonnets, particularly between 18th and 43rd streets. Best, but scarce, bet for parking is T.C. Jester Park. In the past, we have parked at a residential street and crossed the busy T.C. Jester road. Be careful. Y’all know how Houston drivers are! We have places to go!

Brays Bayou // Museum District

Along the banks of Brays Bayou {close to the Hermann Park Golf Course}, there are usually generous amounts of bluebonnets. Be weary of appropriate parking!

Willow Waterhole Park // Southwest

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Peifer {Hike It Baby Houston} and Sidney Foster

This conservancy has a patch of bluebonnets. It’s a popular spot for bird watching and has a dog park, so bring the pup to get in on the family photo fun. This particular picture was taken last year along the southernmost lake near the gazebo {park on Dryad St}, but there were other patches too.

Terry Hershey Park // West

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

Photo credit Steve Peifer. This picture was taken at this precise location. Thank you, Hike It Baby Houston!

This park’s patch of bluebonnets has gotten a lot of love and attention over the past few years, so as the season progresses, be sure to reuse already stomped-in spots from previous visitors. Please don’t create your own! The bluebonnets can usually be spotted from the road {off Dairy Ashford}, so it won’t be difficult to navigate to them from the parking lot. 

Telfair // Sugar Land {Southwest}

Top Greater Houston Bluebonnet Sightings | Houston Moms Blog

Bluebonnets are usually found close to Cornerstone Elementary around Chatham Avenue and Ravenel Lane. Be VERY careful at this site. There have been water snake sightings in years past.

Blessington Farms // Wallis {West}

Blessington Farms is pretty close for our Katy and Sugar Land peeps. You can go strawberry picking too! Be sure to check their Facebook page before going, though, to ensure that they are open. You know how Houston weather is…


Wild Cards

We have heard of bluebonnet sightings in Kingwood, Memorial Park, and Mercer Arboretum, but our contributing team hasn’t been able to confirm the blooms this year prior to publishing. Kingwood bluebonnets have been reported over the past few years on High Valley Drive at Hidden Lakes along the creek banks {careful for snakes!}. Memorial Park is a hit or miss; in 2013, there was a massive field, but no bluebonnets in 2015. You may need a pass for Mercer Arboretum. If you can clarify any of these locations or know of additional places to visit, please let us know, and we will gladly update the post!

We are also fans of the site, Texas Bluebonnet Sightings. Their Facebook page has really great real-time updates for bluebonnet sightings around our great state.


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  1. Susannah March 23, 2016 at 7:45 pm #

    Thanks so much for the info, after reading this we drove over by the Herman Park golf course and there is a large (at least for in town) field at the southwest corner of Alemeda and S MacGregor Way! You can park across Alameda at the Fudruckers and just walk across the street! Great picture spot with kids

  2. Lindsey March 17, 2017 at 11:22 am #

    The one in league city had a private property sign posted. Has anyone actually been there for photos?

    • Amanda March 19, 2017 at 4:53 pm #

      The area at the corner of FM 96 & Lawrence Rd in League City had a small patch of bluebonnets by the small pond and there were people taking pictures there today. Several of my friends have taken pictures there in the past without any problems, but I don’t know if the landowner is trying to stop it now.

      There are a few small patches of bluebonnets near Lowry Expy across from Mainland Medical center in Texas City, also.

  3. Sharon March 21, 2017 at 11:02 pm #

    Thanks for the info. Anything in the southeast part of town (Clear Lake to Galveston area)?

  4. Kayla April 13, 2018 at 8:11 pm #

    I’m super late. Any bluebonnets left?

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