Unicorn Slime SUCCESS By a Non-Pinteresty Mom

The impossible happened! I made the elusive, magical UNICORN SLIME with my daughter and her friend Emily! And we found success on just our second try! {Haha!} 

Unicorn Slime SUCCESS by a non-Pinteresty mom! | Houston Moms Blog

Honestly, of all the blog posts I could dream of writing, I never imagined it would be “Unicorn Slime SUCCESS” by any stretch of the imagination. I’m the most non-DIY, non-crafty, non-Pinterest-y mom you’ll ever meet {or at least I must be the runner up}. But if you feel me and can relate, AND your kids {like my daughter} have been asking you to make slime, and you had been putting it off, that’s PERFECT! Because this might finally be the one that works for you! {I’m pretty confident that if it worked for me, it must be pretty fool proof! Ha!}

Unicorn Slime is the THING.

If you have small children, you already know that, apparently, slime is the thing. You need slime. You want slime. And my daughter had been asking me to make slime for a LONG time. To be honest, I was scared! And “unicorn” slime?! I was going to need David Bowie to come back, dressed like the Goblin King from Labrynth or some kind of magic for that to happen.

Slime? Messy, sticky slime? In my kitchen? From a *gulp* PINTEREST recipe???

Absolutely not!

But my daughter and her friend Emily are pretty persistent. And cute. The other day we were shopping, and white glue somehow made it into the cart. And so did saline solution. And neon food coloring. I already had an old can of shaving cream and an old box of baking soda at home. And would you look at that?! How did I end up with ALL the ingredients to make unicorn slime at home? It must’ve been a random accident.

Unicorn Slime ingredients

Unicorn Slime SUCCESS by a non-Pinteresty mom! | Houston Moms Blog

Bravely, I pulled up the recipe on my phone. The Pinterest image for that Unicorn Slime looked so sparkly and magical, I was almost getting as excited as the girls to make it! {I said “almost.”}

But then, we followed the instructions and THIS happened:

Unicorn Slime SUCCESS by a non-Pinteresty mom! | Houston Moms Blog

Even Daddy jumped in and tried to help!

Unicorn Slime SUCCESS by a non-Pinteresty mom! | Houston Moms Blog

That’s what I would call a Unicorn Slime FAIL. Thankfully, we laughed about it, washed our hands a gazillion times to get the food coloring off, and promised to try again soon.

Round 2

Not long after, another bottle of regular old Elmer’s white glue made it into my shopping cart. We still had all the other ingredients, and my daughter’s friend came over at just the right time. 

No joke, on my husband’s birthday, a Saturday night, before we were heading out to dinner, he was busy doing something in the patio and I decided, heck, why not try this slime thing again? It shouldn’t take long! I know what I’m doing! {What was I thinking?}

I called the girls to the kitchen, gathered the supplies and we got to work with this recipe! The kitchen was quickly filled with girly laughter {and that was mostly me, laughing at myself}.

Interestingly, the Pinterest image for this particular unicorn slime didn’t look quite as sparkly and magical, but the instructions seemed easy to follow and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

This time, in a shocker to this non-DIY, non-Pinteresty mom, we surprisingly found Unicorn Slime SUCCESS!

WOW! We couldn’t believe it! 

As the girls were mixing the glue, shaving cream, saline solution and baking soda in a large metal mixing bowl, we could see it coming together. It didn’t take long for that slime consistency to show up. Again, WOW!

We divided the slime into three sections, one for each girl and one for me. We added the food coloring, mixed it in our hands and there it was! 

It was still legit unicorn slime the next day!

Unicorn Slime SUCCESS by a non-Pinteresty mom! | Houston Moms Blog

What in the world just happened? Unicorn Slime success was not as elusive as I thought! We did it! And hopefully, you’ll try it, too {even if you feel as non-DIY and non-Pinteresty as I usually feel!} 

This is actually my second non-Pinterest-fail. This Unicorn Slime may have nudged me in the crafty direction. Who knows? Maybe I’ll try to make a Pinterest-y DIY wreath next…

Watch out, crafty moms! No, actually, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to watch out. You’re good. I might even need your help with that wreath. 

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2 Responses to Unicorn Slime SUCCESS By a Non-Pinteresty Mom

  1. Sara @ A Mom and her momtourage May 28, 2018 at 2:19 pm #

    How fun!!! We love making smile here, and I am so glad it worked for you!!! I am a pinterest crafty mama, but have a ton of people that I know who aren’t, so way to go mama!!!

    • Coppelia May 29, 2018 at 12:05 pm #

      Thanks, Sara! I feel like I might have to try some other Pinteresty crafts! I’m getting bold after that Unicorn Slime adventure! Haha!

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