Why We Care :: The Reluctant Astros Fan

Confession :: I actually don’t love baseball. I did not grow up loving baseball, let alone Astros baseball. We were very much a college football game day family on Saturdays and golf on Sundays for nap time. Growing up in Dallas though, the Rangers were our team – if we had one. I do know that my childhood was punctuated watching the epic moment that Nolan Ryan threw his 7th no hitter. I still feel that moment as viscerally as I did almost 30 years ago. But beyond that… yeah. Not our thing. I can’t tell you who won the World Series 5 years ago, or if I’m being totally honest, even last year.

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So to me it makes ZERO sense that I should be all in with the Astros. Like why? Why was I physically nauseated when the Yankees hit that 2 run tying home run in the final game of the series? Why did I alternate tears of joy and yells of exclamation when the Astros nabbed the pennant? I mean, I dabbled in softball and I appreciate the sport. But it’s not like I’ve ever been some sort of crazy baseball fanatic, save for the cleat chasing I allegedly did while playing soccer at LSU.

I care for the same reasons that so many others do :: The Astros have provided a much needed lifeline for Houston.

We care because at the time when our city was searching for HOPE, they provided it in spades with their 2017 clinch after Hurricane Harvey. We needed something to believe in then. Something to remind us that the rebuilding was worth it. A welcome respite from the stress that had encapsulated our homes and our minds and our work.

We care because these men inspire us with their passion. In some professional sports, the love of the game doesn’t come through, marred by money, fame, and other worldly distractions. Our boys truly play like they LOVE what they do. Seeing people live out their dreams in front of the glare of our TV screens will never get old.

We care because as a mom, I can actually point to OUR team on the screen, and I’m not ashamed that Altuve or Springer or Correa or Bregman may be their role model. That doesn’t happen often these days.

We care because Jose Altuve. I can pretty much just leave that one right there. This dude. I question if you have a heart at all if you don’t smile ear to ear seeing that guy grin and round the bases. As a momma to some small statured kids {well, and I don’t stand that tall either, 5’1 with heels #thankyouverymuch}, it sure is fun to show them that the only limitations they have in life are the ones they place on themselves. He didn’t let his 5’6 frame stop him. His dreams were bigger than a physical size, and damn, his heart replaced what his body could not. {And oh my gosh, every married woman in Houston gave him praise hands when he asked about not letting the team tear his shirt. He giggled and replied, “I’m too shy and last time they did that, I got in trouble with my wife.” This dude. Just hit the homerun of his life, and his first thought was of God, as he gave credit in the statement before, and his wife. I’m going to need to meet Mrs. Altuve because she clearly is doing something right.}

We care because the Astros show us what we can accomplish when we work together as a TEAM. What a beautiful sight to see them all working in different ways towards a common goal. And then the capper on that? Every.single.player gives credit to their teammates. There is no glory hog. They recognize they cannot accomplish a title without the others having their back. We could learn a lot from them. Oh, and let’s talk about the leader, A.J. Hinch. Calm, cool, collected and obviously beloved. I wouldn’t want to play poker with the guy, that’s for sure. He’s an all star in his own right.

And we care because for all too brief a moment, our city is united in one thing, one love. We tout our orange and blue all over town and throw up Facebook statuses with clever memes and tweet out that love. My feed this weekend was covered in Astros love and gosh bless it all, what a welcome relief from the negativity that flows too freely. 

Friends, this is bigger than clever hashtags of #TakeItBack. It is bigger than Clutch City. It is bigger than “just baseball”. It’s seeing our boys become men. It’s seeing a team that used to have 100+ regular season losses transform in front of our very eyes. It’s witnessing humanity and friendship. It’s being a beacon of hope that is so desperately needed. 

I’m 100% here for it. And if you want to call me a “Bandwagon Fan”, feel free. I will wear that title proudly and may even emblazon it on a shirt. This is OUR team. The entire city of Houston’s team. And probably quickly becoming the nation’s team. See you in the World Series, Astros. You make us proud. 


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4 Responses to Why We Care :: The Reluctant Astros Fan

  1. Rita Michaelson October 20, 2019 at 8:59 pm #

    Amen! The Astros are beloved by all of Texas. Your description of Jose Altuve is perfectly said. And, thank you, for saying it!

  2. Jacqueline Bryant October 20, 2019 at 8:59 pm #

    I couldn’t put it into words but you did a beautiful job. Thanks for bringing it home.

  3. Debbie W October 21, 2019 at 10:34 pm #

    Beautifully written! Every time I read about anyone on our team the pride of being a Houstonian…especially an Astro fan…just wells up and tears of gratitude begin to gather. TEAM…you make us proud! Always a class act❣️

  4. Rae Nash October 22, 2019 at 9:30 am #

    😭😭😭😭 Thank you, honey.❤️

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