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You Need a Momcation | Houston Moms Blog

Vacations. Without kids. Without husbands. Still interested? A few years ago, girl trips were NOT my thing because of some bad experiences. It seemed like as women, we just couldn’t get it together enough to take a trip without drama. And then something happened. We had kids. And suddenly ALL the drama you can handle is tied up in a precious little package who treats you like, and maybe even sometimes calls you, their servant {true story}.  After that, the petty drama from before just faded away. The deep friendships of our past have been replaced by cute, squishy-faced tyrants who demand all our free time. It’s not just that you want a vacation, You NEED a momcation.

Deepen Relationships

Sure you have your tribe, but wouldn’t you like to know them better OUTSIDE of play dates? Half conversations over chicken nuggets or small talk at class parties are no way to get to know some one. Women, especially moms, have a special bond that no one else can get.  We share the similar pasts, presents, and hopes for the future.  Recently, four friends and I sat on the top deck of a cruise ship and talked for hours about life before kids, marriage, and dreams for retirement. I loved that they understood some of my struggles and I appreciated their perspective on things. We had made other plans for the day, but decided to forget all of it for a little girl talk. We might have ended up a little sun burnt, but we left that day feeling closer than before.

Recharge the Batteries

Do you remember the before mentioned sweetheart who called me his servant? Yeah, I love him, a lot, but mommin’ 24/7 is hard.  On a momcation you only have to take care of yourself. No cutting the crust off apples, fixing collars, or tying shoes {except your own of course}. You can sleep in, eat whenever you want {without sharing}, and stay up late go to bed early. And the best part is that at the end of the trip you will genuinely miss your family so much that you vow to never leave them again {until the next momcation that is}.

Where to?

Living in Houston puts us close to so many great options for a momcation.  If getting far away is what you want, it’s as easy as hopping on a plane or a cruise ship.   If you want to take a day trip here are a few great options.  Lastly, a staycation in Houston might be the best idea out there!  Check out some amazing options here, here, and here.

Who are you taking on your next momcation? Where will y’all go?  Comment below.

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    Cori July 14, 2019 at 9:16 pm #

    I love this post 🙂 . I’ve been ‘momventuring’ for a couple of years now and it really changed my life. I especially love that you wrote about connecting with other women – that was one of the unexpected but life changing benefits of traveling on my own. Thanks for this post!

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    Jennifer Stickney September 4, 2019 at 8:50 am #

    Hi! 🙂 My friend and I are talking about planning our first momcation (much needed), and I’d love some recommendations! I’m in Virginia and my friend is in Houston and we want to do a Thursday through Sunday trip.

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