You’re Invited…HMB Girls Day at Girls Only!

We at Houston Moms Blog are so insanely excited about Girls Only – The Secret Comedy of Women® and its return to Houston this year!  We are beyond pumped to be partnering with them while they are in town, and ... drum roll please … we are most excited to announce that we will be hosting an HMB Girls Day at Girls Only!!  That’s right, Girls Only and Houston Moms Blog are partnering together for our very own special event that we know you won’t want to miss.  More details on that below.

First though, allow me to introduce you to Girls Only – in case it’s new for some of you.


Warning :: This show contains feminine subject matter including teenage diaries, breast feeding, tampons, shadow puppets, pantyhose, menstrual cycles, slumber parties, menopause and maxi pads.

Spawning from two ladies who came across their old junior high diaries and just howled with laughter, Girls Only is an original comedy that celebrates the honor, truth, humor, and silliness of being a female.  {Something we can all relate to.  No?}  Featuring a two-woman cast, Girls Only mixes sketch comedy, improvisation, audience participation, AND uproarious songs and video in a unique examination of all things girly.  “A lot of Houston women find this to be the perfect girls-night-out,” said the show’s on-site producer, Houston’s own Sydney Greenblatt.  And we couldn’t agree more.

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Which is why we decided to partner together with them to host our very first HMB event!  After almost six full months of getting to know all of you online and through social media, we are just dying to meet you each face to face!  And what better opportunity than at a hilarious comedy show that will allow us to laugh and cry over all of the topics that we currently are talking about anyway!!  So we have planned an upcoming afternoon, set you up with a special promo code for the show, and will be hosting a meet and greet with both the cast and each other afterwards.  Oh, and did we mention that we will have some delicious eats for you to enjoy?  AND did we mention that we will be giving away two prize packs including $250 gift certificates to IW Marks and tickets to return to the show with even more friends?  Pretty fabulous, right?!?

Call your girlfriends, purchase your tickets {before they sell out!}, and tell the hubs you are taking the afternoon to yourself…because we want to see YOU there!


HMB Girls Day at Girls Only


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet in the lobby by 3:00 pm


Main Street Theater – Chelsea Market

4617 Montrose Blvd


An afternoon of great laughs with new friends…

and no husbands or kids allowed!

Ticket Price :: $37.50  {with promo code}

You can purchase tickets here using the promo code HOUMOMS.

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3 Responses to You’re Invited…HMB Girls Day at Girls Only!

  1. Avatar
    Jennie February 11, 2014 at 1:12 pm #

    I just tried to order two tickets to the Girls Only show, but it told me the HOUMOMS promo code is not valid. Am I doing it wrong?

    • Avatar
      Tiffanie V February 11, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

      Hi Jennie! We are in the process of figuring it out. Thanks for the heads up. You can also use code HOUSTONMOMS for now. Can’t wait to see you at the show!

  2. Avatar
    Jennie February 11, 2014 at 3:23 pm #

    Got it, thanks!

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