3 Easy Ways to Win the Homework Battle

We are thrilled to partner with GradePower Learning for this sponsored post. We know how much of a struggle homework can be, so we are honored to have them sharing tips and tricks to help make this semester a great one!

With the start of each new semester, our phone starts ringing with anxious parents on the other end asking how GradePower Learning can help with their children’s homework. My first reaction is to simply listen to the particulars of their situation. Inevitably, there are a few core reasons why homework “blows up” for many students as they ease back into the school year.

We want to show you THREE powerful things you can do NOW to help win the homework battle taking place in your household.

So, how can we bring this homework miracle about? So glad you asked…

1} Be Organized

Here are some simple rules to help :: 

  • Set up a study area in your home and stock it with all the tools needed for homework.
  • Sit down with your child and a large calendar to analyze his or her life and commitments. On the calendar, plot out all the activities, lessons, sports, jobs, and so on that your child has scheduled.
  • Once you know the schedule, you can begin to plan certain times for homework every night.

Invest in a great organizational planner, conveniently found at local office supply stores or Target. Make sure it allows you to plan by the half hour in the evenings.          

2} Know “How” to do Homework

The most common problems are not knowing what to do or how to start. Begin by making sure that your child is able to read the homework assignment accurately to determine what is needed to complete the problem. Then, decide how long it will take. This may sound overly simplistic, but truly it is not. Most kids tend to glaze over instructions without really understanding them. Help your child understand what is being asked.

Make sure he or she knows all the essential requirements :: 

  • What am I supposed to do?
  • Do I know how to do that?
  • Do I have all the tools {books, materials, etc.} necessary?
  • How long will it take me?           

Do all this before starting each problem or task. In the beginning, you will have to help your child plan and track the time each section takes. Work toward the goal of completing each section within the allotted time. This is a new concept and will seem like a hassle, but I guarantee that it will cut down the amount of time he has to spend on homework.

3} Focus on Homework

Concentration and focus are not the easiest techniques to for students to master, especially when it comes to homework. However, with these tips you can teach your child how to become better at concentrating on his or her homework. Once your child develops better concentration and homework skills, it’s easy to become an even better student.

  • Schedule frequent homework breaks. It’s important to give your child enough breaks so that he or she doesn’t get overly frustrated, bored, or starts drifting away from the material.
  • Help your child when needed. It’s perfectly acceptable for parents to work with their kids—especially at a young age—when it comes time to do homework and studying. Work together, but work toward self-management so your child gets stronger each time.
  • Switch up subjects. A major factor in distraction is often boredom. If your child has hit his or her limit with math, switch to another assignment. Come back to any unfinished homework questions later and tackle them with a clearer mind. 

The right attitude is a positive attitude!

Follow these three rules, and homework will be done faster and more accurately. Even if kids think it’s overly cumbersome, they will enjoy being efficient and succeeding. Give it a try! It works! Best of luck {and hard work!} in your efforts this spring semester. 

GradePower Learning is here to help you and your child this year. Please contact us with any questions. We offer programs for children 3 years of age up to grade 12 that reinforce academic and cognitive learning skills.

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