A Houston Mom’s Guide to January 2019

Well, hello 2019!!! We are so glad to see you! While 2018 was an amazing year for all things Houston Moms Blog, we know it included challenges for so many. Thankfully, a new year means a fresh start though, and we cannot wait to dive head first into 2019 with each and every one of you. First up? All the hot {errrr, maybe cold?} happenings around our great city for Houston area families!

Before we pop the cork on all things Houston this January, we know some of you may not be feeling quite up to par. Flu and cold season is about zero fun! So that’s why we are so thankful to partner with amazing companies like Next Level Urgent Care. I don’t know about y’all, but rarely do my kids get sick on MY schedule. Most Next Level locations open up as early as 7am and stay open until 9pm which is a total lifesaver when you just want your kiddo to be seen. And they have a wonderfully convenient app where you can get IN LINE ONLINE, minimizing additional exposure to germs in a waiting room. Make sure you check out their 12 area locations and keep them in mind in case the “junk” comes your family’s way this January. The quicker y’all get better, the quicker you can be out on our town exploring!

Alright, Houston Moms? Who is ready to tackle January in Houston, JJ style? Let’s GO!!!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Please Note :: While we make every effort to crosscheck current links and event details on our guides, we always encourage you to do the same before making final plans. If details are missing or incorrect, please let us know so that we can make every attempt to correct them.  And if you know of any other January events around town, include them in the comments to keep the list going as well! 

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