Back to School Tips for Nervous Moms

When my first child started Kindergarten last year, I was a hot mess. I would randomly cry throughout the day and wonder how he was doing. I kept telling myself over and over that he was fine and that I had to pull it together. The truth was I was terrified about my child starting school. This year I have two attending school and I am more nervous than last year. I have been a stay-at-home mom since I was seven months pregnant with our first child and I have worked from home since then. The thought of sending two of my four children into the ‘real world’ scares me, but there is hope for nervous moms everywhere {including myself}. Here are some thoughts that I had and wanted to share with all of you. 

  1. Will They Be Scared? 
    There is a good chance that your child will be scared about the first day. It’s new for them. You can help lessen their fear by not letting them see YOU scared. Save your crying for later {like when you get back to the car}. 
  2. Will They Miss Me? 
    This may be a hard thing to hear, but you will miss them more than they miss you. They will be so busy learning new things and making new friends that they won’t have time to think about missing you until they see you back at home. It does help to remind your child that the school day will soon end and you will be reunited once more.
  3. What If They Get Lost? 
    Let’s face it, school is a big place and I remember feeling intimidated when my son walked through those big doors his first day of school. However, Kindergartners always travel in packs, so your child will not navigate the halls alone. It can ease some fears if you do a tour of your school before the first day with your child. Most schools have a Meet the Teacher event a couple of days before school starts. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new school and new person into their life.
  4. What If They Don’t Eat Lunch? 
    I have a very picky eater, and he always came home with an empty lunch box saying he was hungry. After speaking with his teacher, she mentioned that he was so busy socializing that he would sometimes forget to eat. Luckily, they would kindly remind him to eat and most schools have a snack time later on during the day. Pack some fun lunches that you know your child will eat. I made several lunch menus and just alternated them every week. Occasional I let him eat lunch at school, cause he wanted to be like his friends. 
  5. What If They Don’t Make Friends? 
    This was a huge one for me. I was so concerned because my son is on the autism spectrum that he wouldn’t make any friends. For some kids {like my child}, that was not a problem. For others, it was. Encourage your child to interact and play with others. It may take awhile, but he/she will warm up to making friends. Talk with their teacher and see how you can help them at home. 
  6. What If They Get Bullied? 
    Bullies come in many shapes, forms and ages. One day your child may come in contact with a bully, so it is important that you inform him/her of what to do when that happens. Let them know that they do not have to put up with a bully. Let them know that it’s okay to walk away from a bully, to tell a teacher or to go play with others. This was one of my biggest fears with my child, so my husband and I made a decision to enroll him in a self-defense class. 

As a parent sending two children off to school this year, I know that my biggest problem is not acknowledging that it is okay to feel sad. It’s a wonderful thing… our children are growing up. Give yourself some time to process this information. Talk to other moms in the same situation. You can get support and encouragement from others who are in the same boat as you are. Who knows, you will probably make some new friends yourself this year. 

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