Which of Our Bath Bombs Describes Your Parenting Style?


Which of Our Bath Bombs Describes Your Parenting Style? | Houston Moms Blog

Bath bombs are little effervescent balls filled with aromatics and oils. They come in really pretty colors, designs and funny names like “Butterball’ and “Ickle Baby Bot”. I love the idea of bath bombs but I truly never have the time to soak in a tub and relax. I really can’t even pee without little fingers from a toddler protruding from underneath the door, so I can’t imagine having any alone time long enough to do anything without hearing MOM!

Similar to bath bombs, moms come in different “designs” by the way that we raise our kids, i.e. our parental styles. I’ve polled some mom friends to help me come up with a list of different parenting styles to describe themselves or moms that they know. And from that list, here are some fun “Mom Bath Bombs” to describe the everyday mom ::      

“Whoops I did it Again” Bomb

Ideal for the slacker mom who forgot to send that permission slip to school or dress their child appropriately for school picture day. I’m plenty guilty of this and now that it’s happened on more than one occasion I don’t feel that badly about it anymore.

“White on Rice” Bomb

This would be perfect for the helicopter mom who likes to know what their child is doing and where they are at all times. Helicopter moms tend to hover and swoop in to help their child before help is really needed. I was raised by a helicopter mom and thank goodness smartphones weren’t in back then. When I was of driving age, she seriously logged my speedometer to see if I was driving further than what it takes to go to school and back home.

“Crouching Tiger” Bomb

Made for your tiger mom who sets high academic standards for their child and prioritize schoolwork above all else. A tiger mom is often strict and allows her child to participate in activities to win awards. A lot of my friends had tiger moms and their awards were often brought out at parties so their parents can boast about it. I always felt guilty when my mom gave me that “Where’s your trophy” look.    

“Funky Chicken” Bomb

Created for the free-range mommas who let their little chicks be independent by giving them age appropriate freedom and responsibilities. Many times free-range parenting is perceived negatively but I think the key word is age appropriateness. After five kids, I’m beginning to identify with free-range parenting because this momma is TIRED.  

“Honey Bunches of Oats” Bomb

Made for all of the crunchy moms out there. Crunchy Moms advocate for home births, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, organic foods, and co-sleeping. I wanted to be a crunchy mom with my first born, but when I found out that I had to clean the cloth diapers or sign up for a service to wash the soiled diapers, I was out. Mad props for all of the crunchy moms!  

“#1 Fan” Bomb

This is ideal for the soccer/sports mom who is loud and proud of her little athlete. She proudly displays her family sport decals on the back of her large SUV/minivan while chauffeuring her child to practice, meets, and games. She has the afterschool and weekend schedule perfectly memorized with everything else revolving around game day.   Did I mention that she knows exactly how to get grass stains out of clothes?

“Momma-Razzi” Bomb

Designed for the moms with the 10,000 photos of her child on her phone. The momma-razzi is known for making the family wait before digging into a delicious meal or opening a present so that she can take a photo and post it on social media. They may complain now but they will thank you later when they grow up and have a bunch of photos to look back on.

“Alpha Mom” Bomb

Perfect for the highly organized and excellent multitasking mom. She is on top of everything, her house is clean, and she can handle any crisis like it’s a challenge to overcome. We all know an alpha mom in our circle of friends. She’s the one that carries scissors and all kinds of random items in her purse in case of an emergency.

 “Glitter Mom” Bomb

Created for the stage/dance mom. Stage moms spend countless hours at dance practice and driving her child to auditions. She is behind the scenes making sure that everything is picture perfect for her little one. The dance moms at my daughter’s school are always super sweet and helpful.

“Nine to Five” Bomb

 Concocted for the professional mom with a heavy workload, answering phone calls and emails even after she gets off of work while trying to be an active parent in her child’s life. She sometimes misses out on school functions but is always there for tucking her child into bed at night. I work 14+ hours on certain days of the week and I miss my kids SO much. I cherish the time that we have together when I’m not at work.

“John Deere” Bomb

Ideal for the new breed of moms called lawnmower mom. You anticipate any hurdles that your child may encounter and pave the way for them to be successful. Lawnmower moms are great at taking care of the people that take care of their child. They’re good at sending appreciation gifts and play an active role in the school PTA to know the ins and outs. I know that a face of a lawnmower mom you know just popped into your head after you read this!      

Moms come in all different sizes, colors, upbringings and experiences. It’s really hard to describe your parenting style when in reality you’re a mixture of a few rolled into an awesome mom. Regardless of what type of mom you are, one thing is for certain…the unconditional love that you have for your child and their well being. I’ve decided that I’m an ex-alpha mom now free ranging it with slacker mom tendencies. Tell me about your mom style or add one that I have left out!


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    L April 8, 2018 at 8:08 pm #

    Of those….probably the whoops i did it again. lol. Not even ashamed to admit it!

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