Let’s Retire #mommyfail

I know everyone loves to use it, so this might be the least liked post in the history of Houston Moms Blog. But someone’s got to say it…

Let’s retire the use of #mommyfail.

mommyfailI know most of the time we say it to be cute. To make fun of our lives. It’s silly. Most of the time. I did a hashtag search on #mommyfail, and I have to admit they are pretty funny.

But it has us focused on the wrong thing — our failures.

Do you think CEOs of major companies would share daily their failures? Could you imagine? It would be a PR nightmare. Everyone would stop using their product and their credibility would be shot.

Clearly you are not a CEO and you are not selling a product or dealing with a publicist.

But you are leading a family and dealing with little people’s lives. And I know 99% of the time you are teasing. But that 1% of the time you believe it.

So my encouragement to you is to incorporate a little more #mommywin and a little less #mommyfail as you share updates. Not to give people a false perception of yourself, but to more accurately portray who you are — an amazing mom who has this!

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  1. Michelle Tanner September 19, 2014 at 9:04 am #

    I agree it’s not good to dwell on our short comings, but hashtag or not we are all our own worst critics. While I agree we as women need to empower and lift each other up, I like seeing other moms leaving kiddos lunches on the counter and various other silly things to remind me that we all fall short no matter what we portray on social media. It’s easy to get caught up on Instagram and FB and blogs and become envious and jealous of everything from clothes and handbags to houses and vacations and to fall victim to the lies that everyone else has it all together. Even though I know that is never the case. I totally see your point though. I like it in moderation I suppose is what my rambling comment is all about. Great post Becky.

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