How to Spend Less Time Getting Glam {+ Spend More Time with the Fam}

We are excited to partner again with Head and Shoulders and give our moms great tips to staying "glam" while saving time!

Mamas, we are all crazy busy, right? Whether you work from home, stay at home, or work outside of the home, our job is never truly done. I know with my 7 year old twins ever-increasing sports and academic activities, plus running my own business, attempting to put healthful meals on the table, keep a good relationship with my husband, see some friends once in a while, volunteer as I can, well…the first thing to be put on the back burner is ME. And that includes spending time in the salon, whether coloring those pesky roots or having a mani/pedi. While I love the end result almost always, I just sometimes regret the time it takes. When I truly have free time, I want to be with my fam bam, ya know? {And that’s NOT to say that mamas shouldn’t have a break and do those things. No way! I just want to make that time as productive as possible so I’m doing it less, know what I mean?}

So thinking about how I can lessen those salon trips, our team came up with a great list of “Mom Glam Hacks” just for you!

1. Use the Right Hair Products ::

Oh, mamas. This one is SO important. Using the right products in the right combination can keep your hair healthier and stronger so you don’t need to do as much upkeep! I love that Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioners go better together. I especially love the Smooth and Silky collection because let’s face it…after years of over-processing, my hair needs alllll the silky. Plus Houston humidity? Give me all the smooth! 

2. Make it Convenient ::

I just flat do not have the time to drive to the salon to pick up product regularly. And unfortunately, while I wish I was more organized on the home front, I don’t always have my ducks in a row to remember to order hair products. So anything I can get from my neighborhood Kroger while I’m doing my weekly meal shopping {or my last minute dashes to grab a rotissierie chicken and instant mashed potataoes, what-ev}, is a huge bonus! I love that I can find most of my “beauty” products that I need, including my Head and Shoulders shampoo. HUGE timesaver hack for me! Feed the family and nourish my hair? Winning.

3. Color Smart ::

Oh, I think this is so important. As moms we want to feel beautiful and a lot of times that means coloring our hair … which also means a LOT of time spent in the salon for upkeep. We so encourage you to have a chat with your stylist about reasonable expectations to keep your hair color looking fresh. If you are naturally brunette, going to a platinum blonde is NOT going to save you time in that chair every 4-6 weeks. So many of my friends have gone to the “balayage” technique, which basically paints your hair color on and lets it grow out naturally with less visible root growth. And that, my friends, equals less time at the salon. One of our contributors, Ana, only goes TWO TIMES a year now. TWO. That’s huge. 

4. Invest in Quality Products ::

I know. Sometimes this is a toughie. But when we scrimp on where we go for our manicures, our hair salons, and the products we buy, the results may just not last long enough. I have a nail salon that will get me in and out in 35 minutes around the corner from my house. But when I go there because #rushed, inevitably my polish will chip just a couple of days later and then I find myself back there sooner than I anticipated. I would much rather frequent places that do it right the first time and then I can extend the length of my service, giving me more time back with my family. Or on the soccer fields. Or baseball stadiums. All are important.

5. Use Products that Multi-Task ::

So, I’m a mom clearly. And even at 7 years old now, my darling children still want to bust into my bathroom routine, even if they had JUST been happily watching a movie or playing upstairs. So I do not have a ton of time to take a luxurious shower using all manners of product and then carefully put on approximately 10 different make up applications. That’s why I love that Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky not only tames my frizz but it also nourishes my scalp simultaneously. And because my hair is more moisturized, I need less “after shower care” products like de-tanglers and the like to get it to blow dry smooth. Same goes for make up. Give me all the bronzer/powder combos and the lip/cheek tints that function both as a gloss AND a blush. Sayyyy what? 

So let’s lessen that time at the salons, mamas, so we can spend more time being with your family. For sure, as my friend Chelsea always says, “treat yo self” but I legit don’t have the time to do that every 3-4 weeks. We hope these tips have helped you! And don’t forget that Head and Shoulders can be so conveniently purchased at your local Kroger store, too! 

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