Toddler Tantrums {a TRUTH in poetic fashion}

On the last day of a recent family vacay,  I went thru United States Customs with my 1 and 2 year old.  Hahaha.  {I hear some of you laughing already.}  It was a FIASCO, to say the least.  On another day, my toddlers might have been perfectly fine.  But this day, THEY. WERE. NOT.  It wasn’t a place where I could duck-n-hide, no little room to retreat to so that my babies could calm down, no way to access my phone, a book, or some other kind of distraction for them…we were in the BIG middle of literally a sea of a thousand or more people.  My toddlers were UPSET and inconsolable. OH. DEAR. GOD.  And I know it’s true for all of us, there are some days that we can laugh at the fits our toddlers throw, and some days not so much.  This was a NOT day.  Not to mention a HOT day.  It was loud, we were sweating, all family members were graciously carrying extra luggage that belonged to me and the babies, and I had BOTH babes in my arms.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So…dear, sweet, mama of toddlers, and dear, sweet lady who spoke TRUTH to me in my moment of craziness.  THIS is for you…because haven’t we ALL been there?

Oh, to the mama whose toddler is throwing a fit…

It MAY get better in a little bit.

But as you endure,

Some things will be SURE.

People will stare and mutter under their breath,

As your child shrieks noises that sound of death.

You’ll see some hover,

And maybe even run to take cover.

Some will turn away out of sympathy for you,

As you try EVERYTHING you know to do.

Still others will come up with words of wisdom to try and explain,

But all you can think is – ARE THEY INSANE?!?!?

And then there’s the ONE, you can see it in her eyes.

She’s tried and true, it can’t be disguised.

She’s been there, it shows.

And she whispers to you…

“It’s okay to cry, I’m not gonna lie.

Sometimes there’s just nothing else that will do.”

{Thank you, dear woman.}

fit throwing truth for a toddler mama


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