LOVE Inspired Fun for Preschoolers

We love to craft. We love holidays. We love spreading LOVE, and telling people how much we LOVE them! Valentine’s Day gives us all these opportunities rolled into one, and we have already started taking advantage! I know a lot of people think it’s a cheesy day created to boost card, flower, and jewelry sales, but I’ve always adored Valentine’s Day. My Mom always had a card and treat ready bright and early beside heart shaped waffles on Valentine’s morning. And she continued this into college when we’d check the mail to find a Valentine with a Target gift card tucked inside. The day gives me a bonus opportunity to intentionally talk about Love with my kids – where it comes from, what it means, and how powerful it can be. In the spirit of spreading some love and happiness, we’ve rounded up some fun activities to celebrate cupid’s day with your own preschoolers. Enjoy!

A couple weeks ago we headed over to McCheek’s Academy and the big girls got to make clay Valentine’s Frames! Of course they both picked to give them to their “Daddy’s”….they know who’s finger to wrap themselves around. If you haven’t been to McCheek’s – you’ve got to scoop up a spot at one of her Saturday classes. You and your preschooler will both LOVE it.


Ever since I hung the heart wreath on our front door, Maggie has been asking when it’s time to send Valentine’s! I jumped right on this and we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick out supplies to make some beautiful Maggie-designed expressions of LOVE. Prefolded cards, sparkly foam letters, doilies, and some heart stickers – and we were in business. She had a blast decorating the cards {and working on letter recognition}, and we’ve been writing small messages inside the cards this week {a test of patience for her mother}.


Jessica has a huge window in her living room that overlooks her backyard, and it’s always decorated in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, a birthday banner, or something fun and seasonal! Valentine’s Day is no exception!


It sparks varied conversation in her house, and her girls are always proud to show and tell me what they made and contributed. She hit the target dollar bins and set Laine and Olivia up to punch holes and lace string hearts and paper plates {fine motor development, people} to make the perfect LOVE inspired garland!


We have one last LOVEly trick up our sleeves, and we’re going to surprise our best neighbors and leave them some driveway chalk messages on the actual big day! We took this past weekends beautiful weather to do some practicing in our own driveway {and a little chalk snacking from Jacky}. Make sure you get your chalk a little wet – the colors are much more vibrant and the chalk writes much easier for little hands who want to rejoice in their work!


Don’t forget to check out other fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day right here in Houston too! Any more fun activities and traditions you celebrate all the LOVE around you? We’d obviously LOVE to add to our ever growing idea list!


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